PRIMI — Come as you are

Even if you have spent only a few minutes in my company, you will know that there are a few things that I absolutely cannot resist. These include good coffee and soft gummies, but nothing comes close to a little quality breakfast food. We went to try PRIMI’s recently launched breakfast menu and I can honestly say that we had a feast!

Friendly faces met us at the entrance and gave us the choice of several tables — ones in the full sun, some in the shade and some with a perfect mixture of the two. As it was a cooler morning, we headed for the shady-sunny table and sat down to enjoy ourselves.

The vibrant atmosphere was complemented by some unobtrusive background jazz, which immediately made us feel relaxed and switch off after a busy week. Sipping our perfectly brewed cappuccinos, we began browsing through the attractive menu, which was bursting with an assortment of mouth-watering dishes. Who wants plain old bacon and eggs when you can have a frittata or a variety of breakfast bowls to choose from? We had a hard time making up our minds, but only because everything on the menu sounded so delectable. After evaluating each dish from back to front, we eventually decided on the Chilli Rango and Portuguese-style Livers.


The colours on the plate looked marvellous, with reds, greens, yellows and browns beautifully bringing each dish to life. Not only did my meal look gorgeous, but the different tastes were out of this world. The Chilli Rango, despite its name, is a perfect combination of sweet and sour, rounded off with perfect spicy chorizos which leave the taste-buds overjoyed. The frittata was baked to perfection and served in a metal dish and perfectly browned on the outside with a creamy inside. Fresh rocket and onion rings left the palate feeling refreshed and added a tiny bit of crunch to the juicy dish. Squeezing a few drops of fresh lemon juice over everything made the flavours pop even more, adding a pleasant aftertaste to the tangy tomato sauce.

The Portuguese-style Livers, served in a dark brown dish and accompanied by freshly-baked ciabatta and fresh coriander stems, looked very appealing. The rich, creamy bacon and mushroom sauce adds just the right amount of saltiness to the dish. With appealingly mild spices and the fresh bread, this crunchy, creamy and tasty alternative is a very different approach to breakfast and we loved it.


We finished off our meal with a big glass of Lemon, Lime and Barbados Cherry Iced Tea, which was the perfect sweet treat after a satisfying breakfast. As this drink is more tea and less sugar, it leaves you feeling fresh and ready to start the day.


Be sure to pop into PRIMI and try one of their breakfast options — you won’t be disappointed! You can find them at the Gateway Theatre of Shopping or call them on 031 566 5102 to book your seats now.

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