Less Photos, More Memories

Is the moment memorable, or is it a moment you want to remember? Quite the conundrum, I’d say.

Think about it.

How much time today, do we spend with our electronic devices in our hands? Particularly at gatherings with friends and family, gatherings like the huge Christmas lunches and New Year’s Eve parties we are all surely going to attend within the next few weeks. While the focus will be on the food, the relatives we haven’t seen since last Christmas and all the gifts we’ll rip open…for many of us, the first instinct is to grab a cellphone, camera or tablet and freeze the moment in time. So we can look back and remember, we always tell ourselves.

But, this Christmas, why not think a little differently? Before you trip over yourself to snap the perfect shot for Instagram…ask yourself if it is really imperative. Cast your mind back to last Christmas, and the hundreds of photographs you took. How many of them actually made it to social media, and how many are still sitting in your gallery in the ‘oh, my hat I should really post those’ folder? How often have you looked at those photos in the past year?

If the answer is once, twice or even three times (in 300 days, give or take) think carefully this year. Stop watching life from behind a screen. Make Christmas organic.

Be in the moment.

Take it in, and then etch it into your memory, instead of your SD card.

Merry Christmas, Ballito.



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