Spoils from Skinderm

Ending off a busy day, with a relaxing facial was just what Lucille Wendler needed. The facial, generated by Skinderm, was medicated, which meant it was awesome for Lucille’s skin as well.

The Ballito was invited to try out a Skinderm Reveal Living Skin facial at Perfect 10 Ballito, and Lucille happily went along. The Skinderm range is classified as a Cosmeceutical product, which means that the active ingredients are delivered to the deeper layers of the skin. The range is a simple collection of effective skin health programs,targeting your personal skin issues with the latest scientific know-how – the side effect is noticeable results!

Fit skin is living skin!

The range consists of: Pure products to cleanse. Elixirs to optimise. Daily Diet to moisturise and hydrate. The facial is a potent skin resurfacing treatment that effectively removes tired, dull and lifeless skin cells, to reveal  a brighter radiant complexion, with a glowing, smooth even texture.

“Yash looked after me very well,” says Lucille. “She is really professional, has great knowledge and was trained to do the Skinderm facial. I have had dull, dead looking skin for a while and my face was feeling very bumpy…I found out the reason for that was a lot of built up dead skin. When I was done, my face was radiant and as soft as a baby’s bottom.”

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