More Than Just a Look

I am a typical girly girl – I love being pampered; which woman doesn’t? Pretty nails, pretty feet and a fresh face and I’m as happy as a bee in honey. So, you can imagine I was thrilled to get the chance to visit Perfect 10 Nail and Body Studio Ballito. Kalai Moodley is extremely passionate about her business and it shines through from the moment you walk through the door: the staff is friendly and attentive, and you are treated like royalty.

As soon as I landed, I was whisked off for a Skinderm facial with the lovely Yash. The Skinderm range, Yash explained as she gently massaged my frowning, taut face, contains active ingredients that permeate the deepest layers of the skin. It is developed locally and is internationally accredited. Skinderm targets specific skin problems and corrects them; the results are almost immediate! Once Yash had cleansed my face and lifted some of the layers of oil and dead skin, she remarked how bright my sallow skin had become.

With a grin now permanently etched onto my face, I was turned over to Ningi, who started on my spa pedicure. What a treat to sit back in the luxury massage chairs while my aching tootsies were massaged and exfoliated. I chose a bright tangerine polish for my toes: just in time for Spring and breaking out all my cute flats after a Winter of boots and socks!

The last treatment I enjoyed was a delightful spa manicure with Buhle, who gave me an absolutely scintillating hand massage. Spending my days typing away on my laptop definitely leaves me with achy fingers, so it was bliss to have my hands treated. The powder blue colour I went for reminds me of the sky on a perfect Ballito day; it definitely makes me smile every time I look down.

All in all, my morning at Perfect 10 was a tonic for my rushed, frazzled nerves. I felt relaxed, pampered and gorgeous. That’s undoubtedly a Perfect 10 from me!

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