Get Apptastic!

There seems to be a new wave of apps hitting the world at the moment, all seemingly making our lives a lot easier
in the digital world around us. Marc Forrest takes a look at three awesome apps making waves in South Africa.

cliff central icon

Cliff Central.Com 

After leaving his morning radio show at the country’s biggest radio station over a year ago, Gareth Cliff went out and started his own station called Cliff Central. The concept of listening to online radio in South Africa was still in its infancy. Now 18 months later the team has launched their first iOS & Android apps, called CliffCentral. The app is
pretty simple in terms of functionality, but it allows you to listen to live streaming of the shows, as well as catch up on the podcasts of each show that has been aired. This makes it simple to listen to, on the go at your convenience.

zomato icon


Ever been on the hunt for the perfect restaurant in an area you aren’t familiar with? Or looking for a specific cuisine
and don’t know where to find it? Enter Zomato…Zomato is your one stop app for all things food, allowing you search
for restaurants in specific areas. You also have the ability to rate and review the restaurant as well as read previous
reviews to see how other people have rated it. You can also bookmark places you have found to re-visit later.

wumdrop icon


Recently crowned as the South African App of the year 2015, Wumdrop is your Uber for deliveries. The service allows you to select pick up and drop off points and within a few minutes, a driver will arrive to collect your package and deliver it. You then are automatically charged according to the distance of the delivery. The app is solely developed in South Africa, and is only currently available in Jo’burg and Cape Town, but Durban (and surrounds) is on the cards very soon!


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