Getting healthy…the easy way!

Wherever you are these days, someone is talking about how much weight they’ve lost. Or how much they have to lose. Or how often they go to the gym. Or how all they eat is salad. Right? Whoa! Maintaining an active lifestyle and staying healthy is not just down to hours in the gym and surviving on leaves for the rest of your lives. Here are a few easy things you can start doing right now, to get yourself healthier. Let’s go! 

1. Don’t skip lunch

This is a no brainer (well, it should be!) When our mothers told us that “breakfast is the most important meal
of the day” they were not joking. Eat before you leave for work – cereal and a fruit should be alright. It should tide
you over so you’ll be less prone to a large, over-indulgent lunch.

2. Take the steps 

I can just hear my legs crying out in agony. Seriously, people. As easy it is to hit the buttons on the elevator, suck it up. The stairs will give your heart and lungs and good workout. The more often you do it, the less it will hurt. Eventually.

3. Water yourself

Personally, I struggle with this one and I know I’m not alone. Either I forget, or I get annoyed at having to hop up and down to the loo. If you’re forgetful, leave an empty glass on your desk or empty bottle in your car. Fill it up with water every time you leave your desk/car.

4. Read your labels

Aha! Here’s one we can all benefit from. Before you buy something, turn it over and check what’s in it. Try to cut down on sugars, fats and oils, unless you’re banting then watch out for all things sugar, ending with –ose, carbs and grains. If you’re at a restaurant don’t be shy to ask about ingredients either.

5. Zzzzz

Although some of us hide our capes behind our bathroom doors, we are not all super heroes. Our bodies need a minimum of eight hours’ sleep for our brains to function normally. (I know mine does…I’m a ray of sunshine
otherwise). Rather record that late night movie and watch it later. Your body will thank you.

6. Calm down

Really, this is probably the easiest tip…but the most difficult to implement. Actively train yourself not to freak out, flip or melt down. Count to 10 (or 1000, in my case) and slow your heart rate down before you react. A healthy mind is a healthy body.

7. A cry, a smile, a dance

Never deprive your body of emotion. If you want to laugh – like, the screeching from the tummy type where you get
sore sides – then go for it. If you want to cry, wail so that the polar bears in Antarctica hear you. Dance, even if you
have two left feet. If you bottle up your emotions, you’ll be more stressed and knotted than a pretzel – which is
ultimately so unhealthy! Let go, have fun…it’s good for you!

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